Santa Kite Jam 2017

Target Date: December 9 Target Location: TBD


About the Event

Santa Kite Jam is a spontaneous gathering of kiters and their friends and families. In addition to kitesurfing, people play music and cook out on the beach. Toy donations for the Shriners Children's Hospital are collected. Santa Kite Jam is held on the first windy weekend after Thanksgiving every year. The location and date of the event is determined by the 7-day forecast and confirmed on the 3-day forecast. PLEASE BRING A NEW TOY TO THE EVENT.


Dawn to Dusk

Pack your kite and ride with us. We'll take a group photo around 11.



We are working on booking a DJ to play jams while we party.


All Day

Event sponsors and local elves will have gear to demo throughout the day.


    • $25

    • Shirt

      • Dry Weave Shirt
      • 5 windy days in July
    • Order
    • $35

    • Long Sleeve Shirt

      • Long Sleeve Dry Weave Shirt
      • 10+ windy days in July
    • Order
    • $50

    • Jammer

      • Hat
      • Dry Weave Shirt
      • 20+ windy days in July
    • Get It!
    • $60

    • BALLER

      • Hat
      • Long Sleeve Shirt
      • Wind ALL summer
      • A date with Griffin's mom
    • Baller


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