How Did Santa Kite Jam Start?

Dec 25, 2014 Uncategorized

by ssenior

Santa Kite Jam is a magical event, started by a small, hairless elf named Griff. Griff was often mistaken for Gollum, the hairless hobbit from Lord of the Rings. His elf friends even nicknamed him, “Precious.”

One day, Griff put on a Santa Suit and nobody recognized him. He drank eggnog and ran all over town spreading Christmas cheer to friends and strangers alike. When the wind pick up, Griff went kitesurfing and forgot that he still had the Santa Suit on.

As Griff was kitesurfing something magical began to happen… He was able to ride upwind!¬†Soon, all of the more talented elves that could boost higher than 10 feet joined Griff, and wore Santa Suites so that Griff didn’t feel lonely. Elves and friends and family hung out on the beach all day, giving thanks for the season. The elves donated their toys for sharing with other children. And thus Santa Kite Jam began.

Santa Kite Jam is held on the first windy weekend after Thanksgiving every year.