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by ssenior

Brands, shops and instructors are a part of the kiteboarding community, and we welcome their participation. Sponsorships help Santa Kite Jam pay for things like permits, event fees, and porta johns. In addition, Sponsors can help improve Santa Kite Jam with gear demo, national rider dance offs (those are the best), and sponsored competitions. Santa Kite Jam is an event for the community, and we expect Santa Kite Jam sponsors to contribute more than just money to the event (see below).

All sponsor logos are printed on the back of the shirts that we sell for the event, and logos are placed in the sponsorship section of our website with a link back to your website.

NO COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS can take place at Kite Jam (park rules, not ours). No commercial flags, banners or signs are allowed at Santa Kite Jam (park rules, not ours). Only 10×10 tents are allowed. Commercial tents are not permitted without sponsorship.

Instructors & Shops ($50)

Instructors are welcome to participate in the event, but no instructions and no bookings can take place at Santa Kite Jam. We ask that sponsoring instructors to help promote safety during the event and with beach cleanup at the end of the event.


Brands ($200)

There would be no kites and no gear without brands. We ask that sponsoring brands add value to the event by either (i) having your national rider(s) participate in the event and/or (ii) sponsoring a promotional contest involving a prize, (iii) making demo gear available, etc.


For more information, please email Santa@SantaKiteJam.com.